Customize Care Packs

A great 2 in 1 way to show you care and to create brand awareness to employees and clients. Items in the care pack can be customised to consist of essentials and practical of your choice. Below are some of the items we currently offering but not limited to for creating your own customised care pack for the people you care.

happy employees jumping up and down with joy

 Care Pack for Staff

Appreciated staff are the happiest and most productive so show your appreciation and how you care in such trying times.

A handshake with client

Care Pack for Clients

Let your clients know you are always on their mind good and bad times. Such gesture will help build lasting working relationships.


 Delivery guy wearing mask doing door to door delivery

Optional Individual Door to Door to Care Pack

We understand the current situation requires a more personal touch than usual due to work from home policy for staff or customers. Rest assure that everyone will get their care pack promptly with our optional individual care pack delivery.

Customize Care Packs