Large Rectangle Crystal Plaque

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Introducing our stunning Large Rectangle Crystal Plaque, a truly exquisite piece that embodies elegance and distinction. Crafted with precision and artistry, this crystal plaque is the epitome of excellence, making it an ideal choice for crystal awards and trophies in Singapore.


  1. The large rectangle crystal plaque is crafted from high-quality crystal, ensuring a premium and elegant appearance
  2. This plaque is specifically designed for crystal awards, making it the perfect choice for recognizing achievements and milestones
  3. The plaque offers customization options, allowing you to engrave personalized messages, logos, or artwork to create a unique and meaningful award
  4. The crystal plaque allows for precise and intricate engraving, ensuring that the details of your personalized message or design are accurately captured


  1. The large rectangle crystal plaque features a sophisticated and timeless design, adding a touch of elegance to any space it is displayed in
  2. Made from high-quality crystal, the plaque exudes a luxurious and prestigious feel, making it an excellent choice for crystal awards and trophies
  3. The clarity of the crystal used in the plaque ensures a brilliant and sparkling appearance, creating a visually stunning effect
  4. The crystal’s reflective properties enhance the plaque’s overall appearance, creating beautiful light refractions and adding a dynamic element to the design
  5. Presenting someone with a crystal plaque signifies a high level of recognition and achievement, making it a coveted award or trophy


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