Key Flash Drive

Key Flash Drive


Product Code: FDM001

Material: Metal

Capacity: 2gb/ 4gb/ 8gb/ 16gb/ 32gb/ 64gb

Size: 5.7cm (Length) x 2.4cm (Breadth) x 0.3cm (Height)

Colors Available: Blue/ Green/ Pink/ Black/ Brown/ Red/ Silver/ Yellow

Packaging: Individual White Paper Box/ PP Box/ Black Gift Box/ Tin Box

Printing Method: Silkscreen Print/ UV Print

Minimum Order Qty: 50 pieces

The small key shape of this USB drive means that they can be chained together & moved all at once easily. The key shape also means that it will mingle & camouflage well with the rest of the actual keys. If attached to a key-chain, the drive will never be lost.