Lyfe Water Bottle with Removable Pill Box


Product Code: WAT112

Material: PC/ Cap & Pill Box - PP

Capacity: 750ml

Size: 8cm (diameter) by 22.5cm (height)

Colors Available: Yellow/ Blue/ Black/ Red

Packaging: Individual Paper Box

Printing Method: Silkscreen Print/ UV Print

Minimum Order Qty: 100 pieces

For an aging population, this bottle will be extremely handy to have. There are a few minute detail to attention that really caters to the ailing folks. Firstly, the bottle can sit on both the usual way, upright, & also on its sides (with 4 small protrusions as stands). Secondly, the bottle is transparent to allow a better gauge on water consumption. Thirdly, the pill box that comes with the bottle can be detached from the side for an easy refill & to bring along to work or even on holiday. Lastly, even the pill box has the disabled in mind as there are braille etchings on the pill box for the right pills on the right day.