Pen Flash Drive with Laser or LED Light

Pen Flash Drive with Laser or LED Light

Product Code: FDM010

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 2gb/ 4gb/ 8gb/ 16gb/ 32gb/ 64gb

Size: 1.5cm (Diameter) x 14cm (Height)

Colors Available: White/ Black

Packaging: Individual White Paper Box/ PP Box/ Black Gift Box/ Tin Box

Printing Method: Silkscreen Print/ UV Print

Minimum Order Qty: 50 pieces

Most pens serve a single purpose, the ability to eject ink to write. This pen has 2 more functions that will be useful in either a working or school setting. First of all, writing down memos or notes is a must in any setting & presentations are also common practice. The laser pointer will allow precise indication of the speaking point to better elucidate the ideas. In order to get the presentation set up in the first place, the USB drive part of the pen can fulfill that purpose, providing an all-rounded single device that is wieldy & simple to use.