Rechargeable USB Fan

Rechargeable USB Fan


Product Code: FAN005

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 5V

Size: 14cm (Length) x 11cm (Breadth) x 4cm (Height)

Colors Available: Blue/ Green/ Orange/ Pink/ Purple/ White/ Black

Packaging: Individual Retail Paper Box

Printing Method: Silkscreen Print/ UV Print/ Laser Print

Minimum Order Qty: 100 pieces

Hand held fans inhabit the warm, temperate climate regions of the world. They are a common sight in theme parks when the weather is hot. Most are either battery operated or plugged directly into a mobile phone to work. It is relatively light for its size & has dazzling bright colors that makes it inconspicuous. This rendition also has benefits unlike any of the others as it is rechargeable, has 3 speed settings & also has a LED light to light the way in dark nights. It can then be charged through a mini USB port for a long lasting use depending on the speed setting.