2 Weeks Pill Box

The clear design of the box allows you to easily see which pills you have taken and which you still need to take , handy for situations such as travelling overseas.

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This pill box is ideal made of plastic. It can hold 2 week worth of pills or supplements which can be good for travel. It is also suitable for giveaways that is related health products or for wellness events


  1. Convenient for people who take medication regularly
  2. Reduces the risk of missing medication doses
  3. Can be used to organize multiple medications
  4. Portable and easy to carry


  1. Compact design saves space in a purse or bag
  2. Promotes medication adherence
  3. Great for traveling
  4. Durable and long-lasting
  5. Customizable with a company logo or message



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2 Weeks Pill Box

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