Cosmic Circle Achievement Medallion

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Introducing the Cosmic Circle Achievement Medallion, a remarkable awarding corporate gift that captures the essence of success and recognition. This prestigious medallion is designed to commemorate extraordinary achievements in the corporate world and serves as a symbol of accomplishment and excellence.


  1. High-quality materials: It is crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.
  2. Striking cosmic circle design: The medallion features an intricate cosmic circle pattern that symbolizes unity and achievement.
  3. Polished finish: The medallion has a smooth and glossy finish, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
  4. Engravable backside: The back of the medallion can be engraved with personalized messages or dates
  5. Custom color options: The medallion can be created in different colors to match a company’s branding or event theme


  1. Customizability: The medallion can be personalized with the recipient’s name, achievement, or any other relevant details, making it a unique and meaningful gift.
  2. Recognition: It serves as a tangible symbol of recognition for outstanding achievements, reinforcing a sense of accomplishment and motivating further success.
  3. Prestige: The medallion’s sophisticated design and quality craftsmanship exude prestige, elevating the perceived value of the award.
  4. Commemoration: It offers a lasting commemoration of significant accomplishments, allowing recipients to look back with pride and fond memories.
  5. Branding: The medallion can be customized with the company logo or branding, reinforcing brand visibility and association with excellence.
  6. Motivation: Receiving the medallion serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for continued dedication and exceptional performance


Size: 7.5 x 8.5 x 1cm (Weight 98g)
Colors Available: Blue, Brown, Mix Coloured
Packaging: Individual Satin Gift Box
Printing Method: Silkscreen Print/ UV Print/ Sand Blasting
Minimum Order Qty: 10 pieces


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