Cotton Canvas Tote Bags without Base

The 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag without Base is a sturdy and versatile bag that is perfect for carrying groceries, books, and everyday essentials. A Canvas Bag without any base is the most basic of all cotton canvas bags. Light weight and durable makes it suitable for any casual outing.

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  1. Made from high quality, 100% cotton canvas
  2. Handles are reinforced with stitching for added durability
  3. Has a weight capacity of up to 10lbs
  4. Relatively spacious capacity, providing ample room for essentials such as books, documents, laptops, and more
  5. Cotton Canvas is an eco-friendly material, making these bags an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or disposable options


  1. Variety of customizable options available . You can effortlessly incorporate your corporate logo, slogan, or any other design element onto the bag’s surface
  2. Personalization allows for promoting of brand and creating a memorable gift that recipients will cherish
  3. Environmentally friendly and Biodegradable
  4. Machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain
  5. The white color of the bag provides a clean and simple look that can be easily customized


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