Fridge Magnet Board with Dry Eraser

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Introducing our Customizable Fridge Magnet Board with Dry Eraser, the perfect corporate gift that combines practicality and personalization. This innovative product is designed to transform any refrigerator into a functional and stylish organizational tool


  1. Customizable design: The fridge magnet board can be personalized with custom designs, logos, or branding to suit corporate gifting needs.
  2. Dry eraser surface: The board has a dry erasable surface that allows users to write, draw, and erase messages or notes easily.
  3. Strong magnetic backing: The fridge magnet board has a strong magnetic backing that securely attaches to any metal surface, such as refrigerators or filing cabinets.
  4. Durable construction: The board is made of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability, making it suitable for everyday use
  5. Lightweight and portable: The board is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for users to move it around and place it on different surfaces
  6. Smooth writing surface: The dry eraser surface provides a smooth writing experience, allowing for clear and legible messages or drawings


  1. Brand Exposure: When placed on a fridge, the magnet board offers continuous brand exposure as it becomes a daily part of people’s lives.
  2. Practical Utility: The magnet board serves as a practical tool for notes, reminders, and to-do lists, ensuring that your brand is associated with usefulness and organization.
  3. Long-lasting Advertisement: Unlike traditional advertising mediums, the magnet board remains in use for an extended period, providing long-lasting advertisement for your brand.
  4. High Visibility: Placed on a frequently accessed area like the fridge, the magnet board ensures high visibility for your brand and message.
  5. Versatile Communication: The dry eraser feature allows users to write and erase messages easily, providing a versatile communication tool.
  6. Office or Home Use: The magnet board can be used in both office and home settings, making it a versatile corporate gift suitable for various recipients.
  7. Team Building Tool: The magnet board can promote teamwork and collaboration by allowing individuals to share ideas, notes, and messages in a visible and interactive way.
  8. Personalization: The customizable nature of the magnet board enables personalization for individual employees, making it a thoughtful and personalized corporate gift


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