Stylus Pen with Handphone Stand Function

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Introducing the customizable Stylus Pen with Handphone Stand Function – the perfect corporate gift for your business! This multi-functional pen is designed with a sleek and stylish look that is sure to impress your clients and employees.


  1. Customizable design
  2. Multiple color options
  3. Logo printing option
  4. Laser engraving option
  5. Text printing option
  6. Corporate branding option
  7. Compact size
  8. Lightweight
  9. Durable materials


  1. Can be customized to include your company logo and branding
  2. Provides a convenient way to use your phone without having to hold it
  3. Perfect for watching videos or participating in video calls
  4. Can be used with any touch screen device, including tablets and laptops
  5. Reduces the risk of dropping your phone and damaging it
  6. Can help prevent finger cramps or fatigue from prolonged phone use
  7. Improves accuracy when using touch screen devices


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