Wooden Handphone Stand

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Introducing our Wooden Handphone Stand, the perfect corporate gift for your valued clients and employees. Crafted from high-quality wood, this stand provides a sturdy and stylish way to display your phone while keeping it at the perfect viewing angle.


  1. Made from high-quality, sustainable wood.
  2. Can be laser engraved or printed with full-color designs.
  3. Fits most smartphones, including larger models like the iPhone Plus or Samsung Galaxy.
  4. Holds the phone securely in place, preventing it from slipping or falling.
  5. Adjustable viewing angle for optimal comfort and visibility.
  6. Lightweight and compact design for easy portability.


  1. Provides a sturdy base to hold a mobile phone
  2. Allows for hands-free use of the phone
  3. Prevents the phone from falling or getting damaged
  4. Reduces neck and eye strain from looking down at the phone
  5. Keeps the phone within easy reach


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