Triangle 6 Can Cooler Bag

Triangle 6 Can Cooler Bag


Product Code: GIFB007

Colors Available: Pink / Grey / Green / Blue / Yellow / Red

Minimum Order Qty: 150 pieces

Bringing ice-cold beer to a party or gathering is the perfect way to liven up the mood. This cooler bag does just that as it is catered to specifically meet the need to fit a six-pack. It is a hip alternative to a dull looking cooler bag as you can put any kind of cans in it by mixing & matching, & the triangular shape of the bag is a fresh take in the typical cylindrical or cuboid shaped cooler bag. Just sling it across the chest & on the shoulders & bring it along to the event. It has a zipped side pocket for additional storage & the tough exterior will lengthen the longevity of the bag for future uses.